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blacktower 9th Dec 2018

Julius Griffin & Dani Smith, Waiting For Something To Happen, installation view, 2018 photos courtesy of Black Tower

Julius Griffin & Dani Smith, Corex Wall, 2018

Julius Griffin & Dani Smith, Be Part Of Something New, 2018

Julius Griffin, Drink Poster, 2018

Julius Griffin, Fixed Roof, 2018 

Look brings together eight painters recently graduated from art schools. Freelands Foundation has been in conversation with art schools, investigating the
approaches being taken today in the teaching, and learning, of painting. Graduate artist from Kingston school of art.


New Irn 2, 2018, oil on canvas, 140 x 101 cm.

Iron, 2018, oil on canvas 125 x 175 cm.

At the wheel, 2018, oil on canvas 140 x 101 cm.

Demo 1 painting, video, 2018