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‘Look’, Freelands foundation 27.9.18 to 27.10.18
‘Kingston BA Fine Art Degree Show 2018’,  Avionics building 2.6.2018
‘Making and showing’, Knights Park foay Kingston university 28.2.2018
‘Leisure Life’, 15 · Kurzbauergasse Oida 20.07.2017
‘RUNDGANG 2017’,  Academy of fine art Vienna 19-22.01.2017
‘Salzburg academy open studio’, Salzburg  6.8.2016
‘Stubburn Comfort’, Kingston university second year degree show  5.5.2016
‘{{{{{{{Bin Bag}}}}}}’, Kingston university first year degree show 7.5.2015
‘Club Tropicana’, Gallery on the corner 23.2.2015
‘Curicular Activities’ hosted by Untitled X Adidas, Dalston Pier 21.2.15 ‘Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product’, America Square 4.12.14
‘SCChool of Art and Design Diploma Degree Show’, Sussex Coast College Hastings 6.5.14

Education, Experience

2014-2018 BA Fine art Kingston University
2013-2014 Foundation diploma Sussex Coast College Hastings

2016-2017 Erasmus @ Academy of fine art Vienna

2016 August, Grant placement at the Salzburg Academy, “When Scupture walks away” with Nora Schultz

2018 volunteer V22 Young London 2018
2015-2016, Auto Italia Southeast Gallery volounteer assistant


My work hinges on an element of comic relief and relies on an attitude of playfulness as a stabiliser for uncertainty and loose canon behaviour, tredding on rigidity. The aim is to be disruptive, deforming material into a pantomime of bangs, description of leap of faith, and event. Recently inspired by images that provoke a sense of provincialism that are already present in towns and cities: welcome signs, football club emblems and everything unkept in the day-to-day. Taking the promise of these experiences in a stalling pre-Brexit UK as one of a still activable world, a bygone and present wonderland of mundane olds among looming futures; hammers, flags, grey fill concrete and metal shapes. Aiming to reanimate content into a propaganda vision, an improbable utopia that shows the inevitability of conflated meanings. The creeping in of imagination against the odds and dispersion of static ideas when harking back and seeking something solid.

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